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Easy-to-Use CRM

Easily manage leads, contacts, opportunities and customers.  Designed to make things easy, without a lot of complicated features you don’t need.

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 Data Insights

Quickly see where your business stands with clients, project deadlines, opportunities in the pipeline and lots of other statistics.  Generate reporting with clear charts and visuals.

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File Sharing

Easily and securely share and organize files.  In one glance, see all of the files being shared in your organization and the people, projects and activities linked to them.

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Project Management

LoTops project management lets you invite team members, set tasks and reminders and keep track of all the important notes, files and emails as your team gets the job done.

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Email Marketing

Use your current business email address from Outlook, Gmail or any other provider.  Set templates and send emails from within LoTops.  Keep track of customer communications.

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 Expert Support Included

Support comes included for all users. When you have a question or submit a ticket, one of our team members who knows LoTops inside and out will be the person helping you.  We’ve got your back!

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