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Powerful Features, Simple Layout

LoTops Sales Funnel

Sales & Client Management

Easily manage leads, contacts, opportunities and new deals–including simple pipelines to assign tasks and track progress.

 Email Marketing

Powerful, seamless integrations with Outlook/Office 365  and Gmail/G Suite.  Set templates and send emails from within LoTops.  Keep track of customer communications.

LoTops file sharing

File Sharing

Easily and securely share and organize files.  In one glance, see all of the files being shared in your organization and the people, projects and activities linked to them.

LoTops activity tracking

Project Management

Assign, manage and track the tasks required to get the job done.  Share notes, collaborate and track progress.


 Quickly see where your business stands with clients, project deadlines, opportunities in the pipeline and lots of other statistics.  Generate reporting with clear charts and visuals.

LoTops mobile

 Seamless Mobile Access

Lots of business happens outside the office.  LoTops delivers a seamless interface across desktop, tablet and phone.

LoTops Works With The Software You Use

 LoTops CRM Integrations 2.0

Why Do Small Businesses Use CRMs?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df2d_BHp_X4   CRM –or customer relationship management—software is among the fastest growing categories of business software—especially among small businesses. So, what do small businesses use [...]