LoTops is my go-to project management solution! It keeps everything I do organized and on track. The best part is how collaborative it is. My entire team uses it and we even share projects with our clients. It works great on mobile and desktop.

Matt Ames

LoTops is a great tool for managing teams and projects.

I can create a project and do so many things like store project files, organize tasks using the kanban board, chat with members on the project and schedule events on a shared project calendar — and all in one place! So now I don’t have to use different tools to manage projects, I can do everything in LoTops.

I would recommend LoTops to any business looking to add that extra layer of organization to their business.

Francis Ofori
CEO, FOP Studios

My entire project management needs are met on this platform. LoTops helped us eliminate Asana and Slack, reduced email correspondence between clients and teams, and increased productivity. Their user-friendly and clean interface makes managing projects an enjoyable experience!

Casey Sussman
Owner, Crushd Media

Welcome to LoTops

Everyone On The Same Page.

Whether your team is remote, in-office or a combination, LoTops keeps everybody in-sync.  Stress goes down and productivity increases. You can easily make sure projects are progressing, clients are being communicated with, and deadlines are being met.


Welcome to LoTops

Easy, Centralized Organization

A plug-n-play solution that you can be up and running with in 10 minutes.  Keep tasks, messages, files, events and conversations in one online location.


Welcome to LoTops

Work on Your Phone

Our mobile apps for iPhone and Android are fully synced with the web app and let you stay on top of things when you’re on the move.

Why Our Customers Love LoTops

Quite simply, LoTops has made our work faster, easier and more enjoyable. I’m a LoTops fan!

Margaret Adams

LoTops allows us to spend less time managing and more time actually working. Having tasks, feedback, files, and chat in one place makes progress easier. Our projects have a sense of flow now.

Ken Nelson

We used to have 4 or 5 tools and methods we were using to try to keep things organized. And it just wasn’t working as we grew. Things were stressful. LoTops replaced all that – and reduced the stress.

Lisa Hall

Everybody on our teams now knows what’s assigned to them and when it’s due. That creates a lot of clarity. Work just gets done faster.

Jennifer Green

The kanban board provides such a clear visualization of project progress. I don’t think I could go back to managing projects without it. We let our clients see our kanban boards as well – they like seeing the progress too!

Mark Wright

Having all of our files in the right place reduces a lot of stress and actually eliminates a lot of unnecessary emails. There’s no more asking, ‘Where is this or that file for the project?’ It’s in LoTops!

Daniel Wilson

I’ve been impressed with how clear and intuitive the software design is. I’ve found that even people who are not very technical are able to quickly figure out how to use LoTops, mostly on their own. That is an advantage over a lot of other software I’ve seen.

Richard Gonzales

Having our chat and message capabilities in our project management software is really nice. Our key project and communication needs are now solved by one tool. LoTops is a unified solution that has everything we need.

Mary Williams

We have improved communication with our clients. They can check in on the progress of our work on their own schedule, at their own convenience. They love that. LoTops is a value-add for our client engagements.

Kate Miller