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If there’s no close, there’s no sale.

So why does the close often not get planned in the sales process?

One large reason is often psychological. If you don’t have a time where you ask for the sale, you can always avoid a hard ‘no’ and cling to the possibility—however unlikely—of ultimate success.

Far more effective is to start the whole sales process by working backward from your close. Ask yourself what a typical prospect will need to have to say ‘yes’ to you—what information, what approvals, how much time to get those approvals, etc…

When they have all of that, it’s time to ask for the sale.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you know what information you’ll need as well—the right decision maker, confidence a pain is really felt by your prospect and that you can solve it, confidence they have the budget, etc…

IF you start by working backward from the close, the close becomes less something to worry about or put off for ‘the right moment’ and more of just the next appropriate step in the sales process.