Why Every Small Business Needs a Great CRM

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LoTops was developed as a small business CRM by a small business owner serving other other small and medium businesses in Central Texas.

The inspiration to design a great CRM that also had some key business management capabilities came from the needs of running a business and also from hearing a lot over the years from other small business owners about their own technology needs for running their businesses and what they were looking for.

A well-suited CRM (customer relationship management) software solution for your small business makes it so, so much easier to run and grow your business.

Customers Are The Critical Key For Small Businesses

There are lots of reasons small businesses fail–insufficient capital, unexpected crises, wrong strategy, etc.  But one of the most common ones is also one of the most basic–they don’t have and maintain enough customers.

For most small businesses, it takes a lot of dedicated time and effort to win customers.

Obviously, it’s hugely satisfying when you win customers and then can take care of them as you hoped and promised.  But it takes a lot of work usually to grow your client base–especially when you’re starting out.

So it feels pretty bad when you realize that you had good leads that  slipped through the cracks because they weren’t organized in a way that was easy to remember to follow up with them.  Or when you hear a few months later that a great lead never got in contact with you because you had made it less convenient to get in touch than your competitor.

Or that you had a great client you loved and were focused on treating great, but in the rush of running a business, details about their needs got missed unintentionally and the client ended up not satisfied.

Client relationships are like all relationships–they require effort and focus to start and maintain.

Small Business Owners Are Very Busy

The second related point is that small business owners are very busy.  Even the most organized owners working with great teams still always have more things they could be doing for the business.

And there are always unexpected things that pop up during the day.  That’s just part of the job description.

CRMs Are Designed for Dealing with this Challenge

So, client relationships are critical to growing your business.  Client relationships take time and focus.  Small business owners don’t have much time.

This is the situation CRM software is designed to address.

CRMs help organize and make more efficient for you and your employees the processes and tasks involved with starting and maintaining (and hopefully expanding) client relationships.

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How Does LoTops Help With These Needs?

LoTops helps you manage the entire client relationship cycle, from winning clients to delivering work and expanding engagement.

Lead, Opportunity and Client Scoring and Tracking

LoTops lets you organize and manage your leads, assigning them rankings based on information such as their likelihood of becoming a client and their potential revenue value to your business.

You can track tasks and communications from your team with leads as they’re vetted and have all the information collected in one place.  When a lead has been checked out and looks like it has real potential, you can convert it to an Opportunity.  You can then track the activity as you work to develop Opportunities into Clients.

Project and Task Management

Obviously, the work doesn’t stop for your business once you win a new client.

LoTops includes project management capabilities, so your team can take care of planning, scheduling and delivering work on time.  Tasks can be assigned, reminders sent and everybody stays on the same page.

email marketing

Email Marketing 

LoTops allows you to keep your existing business email address and use it directly within LoTops.  You can select from your list of clients and send mass email messages all at once.

If you’re frequently sending the same standard email to clients, you can set templates for emails within LoTops to make this process easier.

Recent Activity Feed and Business Stats Reporting

Often as a business owner it feels like there’s a million different things in motion.  It can be hard to get a clear picture of where your business stands on the most important metrics.

LoTops gives you a centralized dashboard you can check any time and get an up-to-the-minute overview of your business.  You can check your activity feed and see the latest activity of all of your employees and prospects and clients.

And all of the data entered into LoTops can be filtered to provide customized reporting with easy to understand visuals–so you can see numbers like monthly revenue, accounts receivable, anticipated deals and deal sizes in your pipeline, close-rates on opportunities, historical averages, and a lot more.