Simplify Task Management

Split marketing projects into achievable milestones. Create tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities to streamline workflows. Track activities of your creative teams via a single screen and elevate productivity as LoTops makes resource management as easy as a breeze.

Centralized File Sharing

Store files and important documents at a central location. Maintain a content repository that can be accessed by marketing teams, authorized clients, and stakeholders. Embrace uninterrupted flow of information as LoTops lets you upload or create new files on a secure cloud space.

Team Collaboration

Brainstorm ideas and communicate with teams via chat or instant messages. LoTops allows you to send messages or chat with team members and project stakeholders in real-time without having to invest in or access additional apps - ensuring effective communication at work.

Client Coordination

Get real-time input from clients as you progress with marketing campaigns. LoTops allows you to invite clients to access the controlled shared space where you can brainstorm ideas, send tasks for review, get feedback on marketing activities, and share status of project deliverables.

Stay Organized

Declutter your to-do list and be organized. Never forget client meetings, due dates, and important events as LoTops equips you with a smart calendar for agency, teams, and project. Stay on top of your schedule as we send you smart alerts and reminders - helping you prepare for yet another productive day.

Be Active On-the-Go

Embrace new ways of working and a flexible culture. Access tasks, messages, chat, backpack, and even collaborate with clients on-the-go via LoTops’ mobile app - compatible with all leading platforms and OS.


Say goodbye to long chains of emails and repeated reminders as we provide agencies with a powerful attention grabbing tool. Collaborate smartly and get things done faster - tagging individuals or teams in tasks, messages, discussion threads, and more via mentions.

Stay Connected

Be agile and get a bird’s eye view of operations at your agency - to-dos, work in progress, and completed tasks. Manage tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity as LoTops makes it possible via the Kanban Board - placing complex workflows at your fingertips.