Seamless Project Management

Get a bird’s eye view of all your graphic design operations and monitor activities via a visually stunning dashboard. Efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously as LoTops’ Kanban Board gives you a complete breakdown of the project(s) and deliverables - keeping you up to date with the progress so far on all your projects.

Simplify Client Management

Reinvent client management with LoTops. Manage your clients effortlessly and keep them up-to-date with project deliverables. Share controlled access to a secure cloud platform - enabling clients to view the progress of their design projects and share feedback on tasks in real-time.

Modernized Communication

Empower your graphic design team to communicate without any hassle with LoTops’ private messaging and chat features. Say goodbye to the email back-and-forth and deploy trendy communication tools for optimal efficiency - guaranteeing hassle-free association among teams and project stakeholders.

Stay Organized

Break down design projects into smaller tasks and track the progress with ease. Create task lists and have an overview of what needs to be done and how much work the assigned team member is doing. Declutter your to-do list and create transparent workflows as LoTops enables you to delegate the tasks to teams and ensure that the set goals are met.

Mentions & Tags

Elevate productivity to a whole new level and achieve an accelerated approval process via real-time coordination. Empower yourself and your teams to consult on ideas and brainstorm via LoTops’ tags and mentions - a handy feature that authorizes graphic designers to send reminders, share updates, and provide feedback on tasks at hand.

Never Miss a Due Date

Achieve the set milestones and embrace timely project delivery. LoTops comes with a built-in feature that generates smart alerts to help you keep up with all upcoming due dates - earning you a positive word of mouth and client satisfaction in the long run.

Always Stay Updated

Stay on top of your schedule and view all ongoing projects, upcoming events, and deliverables at a glance. LoTops allows you to maintain a separate calendar for your agency, teams, or projects - enabling you to be at the top of your game by keeping up with everything that’s on your plate.