Manage Projects

Be organized and juggle workflows hitch-free. Manage different projects and their respective tasks via a unified solution without having to invest in additional applications or tools. LoTops helps you keep up with project deliverables - elieminating chaos at work.

Embrace Transparency

Fortify trust and acknowledge lasting relationships. Keep clients informed and up-to-date with project deliverables in real-time. Ensure complete transparency by giving clients controlled access to your workspace - keeping them in the loop as the workflows progress.

Work at Your Own Pace

Work at your own pace and set achievable milestones. Breakdown projects in tasks and mark progress with drag-and-drop simplicity. LoTops empowers you to create custom workflows that suit your work style and are tailored to best serve project(s) needs.

Collaborate With the Client

Skip the endless back-and-forth on emails. Empower clients to share their feedback on tasks as you progress with their projects. LoTops facilitates freelancers to collaborate with clients in real-time - allowing users to share controlled access to the respective workspace.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Get a bird’s eye view of all active projects - to-dos, work in progress, due dates, and more. LoTops has got you covered with its Kanban Board - providing you with all the information that you need to stay updated with all deliverables.

File Sharing

Skip the never-ending email chains and upgrade the way you share deliverables with clients. LoTops gives you access to secure cloud space where you can maintain a content repository - enabling your clients to access files or documents from anywhere in the world with ease.

Stay Ahead of the Game

No more forgetting client meetings or missed deadlines. Keep up with your schedule and deliverables with LoTops’ calendar as we send automated alerts for approaching events and due dates - helping you stay organized and exceed clients’ expectations.

Mobile Access

Be active on-the-go and manage your workflows even when you’re away from the workspace. Access everything via LoTops’ mobile app - compatible with all leading devices and operating systems.