Seamless Project Management

Make the work easier and more manageable for your marketing teams. Keep project stakeholders well-coordinated and ensure the smooth execution of your projects. LoTops allows you to reshape collaboration and make work less tiring for your teams - enabling you to boost your enterprise's marketing productivity and help your teams enjoy the process.

Visualize Your Workflows

Leverage the power of interactive dashboards with LoTops’ Kanban Board. Visualize your workflows and see all the activities going on in the workplace. Know what's on your plate for the day and never miss important details. Get a bird's eye view of all your tasks and important files - stay updated, work smarter and achieve more.

Smart Task Management

Set up and easily handle even the most hectic project workflows effortlessly. Work smart by breaking your projects into uncomplicated and manageable milestones. Boost team productivity and assign tasks with ease. LoTops allows you to ensure that you’re on the right track with your goals and objectives.

Secure File Sharing

Speed up the project approval process and share important files with clients. Store all your important documents, contracts, media files, and more in a secure cloud space - enabling clients to access required information and project data from a centralized location without having to worry about unauthorized access or data loss.

Communicate Better

Empower your enterprise to have better communication and collaboration and achieve your set marketing goals effortlessly. Enable teams and project stakeholders to communicate without hassle with LoTops’ private messaging and chat features. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth emails and ensure smooth coordination across the board.

Easy Client Coordination

No more unneeded delays on email replies and follow-ups. Stay connected with clients in real-time via mentions - keeping them updated with the project progress. Notify stakeholders of the road so far - allowing them to share their feedback on deliverables and improvements along the way.

Focus on What's Important

Declutter your workspace by putting aside all the documents and files you no longer need in the trash. Archive the less important stuff and easily view it when needed. Stay organized and focused on what's important as LoTops helps you gain clarity - ensuring that your enterprise is headed in the right direction.