Seamless Project & Task Management

Managing multiple projects is easy as a breeze with LoTops. Distribute your work into manageable parts, create and view task lists, and assign them to your team. LoTops makes it all happen - ensuring maximum productivity. The platform allows you to organize project deliverables with minimal effort - enabling you to identify and prioritize the tasks that require immediate attention.

Track Everything

Leverage the power of Kanban Board and visualize workflows of creative and/or administrative teams with ease. Boost productivity by multiple folds as LoTops provides you a clear view of all that's going on in your design agency - keeping you up to date with all activities and deliverables.

File Management

Store design projects, vector images, files, documents, and more. Maintain a central content repository and manage everything like a pro. You can also update files with their newer versions with ease and seamlessly manage the flow of information in your agency. LoTops gives you access to a secure cloud space where you can store your important data along with work-in-progress projects.

Secure File Sharing

With LoTops, you can share project files and documents with teams, clients, and project stakeholders without having to worry about data theft or leaks. We offer enterprise-grade security - keeping your sensitive information protected at all times. Our custom permission settings allow you to set flexible data access policies and rules as and when required.

Stay Connected

Know where you are, where you’re headed, and where you have to be through the Pulse. Get the updates on anything and everything going on in your agency. From projects’ progress to departmental activities, LoTops enables you to stay connected with all happenings via a single screen.

Easy Client Coordination

Want to speed up the project approval process? Back-and-forth follow-ups via calls or emails take forever - not a smart way to chalk projects off your to-do list. Activate hassle-free client coordination with LoTops. Mention clients in tasks, discussion threads, and more - keep them updated with the progress so far and get their feedback in real-time.

Conquer Your Schedule

No more missed deadlines or client calls. Get smart notifications and reminders for all important due dates, project deliverables, and scheduled events. LoTops allows you to maintain a personalized calendar for your design agency, creative teams, and/or projects - making it easier for you to keep up with what comes next.