Simplify the Way You Work

Breakdown projects into tasks and track progress along the way. Declutter your to-do list and create transparent workflows as LoTops enables you to assign the tasks to teams and ensure productivity seamlessly.

Hitch-Free Client Coordination

Send external invites and share project updates with clients in real-time. LoTops enables you to brainstorm, collaborate, and get feedback from clients on tasks as you progress. With effortless permission settings, you’re in charge of the information viewed or accessed by stakeholders.

Modernized Communication

Put an end to endless email chains and modernize communication at work. LoTops comes with direct messaging and interactive chat features - facilitating smart communication and real time collaboration among teams and project stakeholders.

Mentions & Tags

Take productivity to a whole new level and acknowledge accelerated approval processes via real-time coordination. Empower individuals and teams to discuss ideas and brainstorm via tags and mentions. A cool and handy feature that allows users to send reminders, share updates, and provide feedback on tasks at hand.

Never Miss a Deadline

Keep up with the milestones and ensure that you deliver projects on time. Never miss a deadline with LoTops as we send real-time alerts and smart notifications to keep you updated with upcoming due dates and deliverables.

Keep Your Clients in the Loop

Share projects’ progress and activities with your clients by providing them with complete visibility of workflows. Share controlled access and visibility of the Kanban board - keeping clients updated with the progress in real-time.

Be Active On-the-Go

Stay connected with operations and access LoTops from anywhere via mobile app - compatible with both iPhone and Aandroid devices. Stay on top of project updates, collaborate with clients, and stay in touch with the respective teams via a unified solution that caters to diverse device preferences.

The Pulse

Stay up to date with current happenings in your agency. Get a glimpse of everything via Pulse - a LoTops functionality that visualizes collective activities of all users along with recent actions taken with respect to the tasks at hand.