Get Things Done

Create a culture of open communication and transparency through LoTops - enabling your ad agency to execute tasks per the clients’ requirements. Ensure smart team collaboration via a unified channel - helping you live up to your clients’ expectations and deliver better results faster than ever.

Collaborate With Clients

Steer ad projects in the right direction taking real-time input from clients. LoTops enables you to share controlled access of your workspace with clients - getting feedback on activities, discussing ideas, and keeping them updated on the progress thus far.

Effortless Coordination

Share ideas, brainstorm, and get input on tasks via a unified platform. Centralize communication in your agency without having to rely on multiple applications. LoTops enables you to collaborate with teams, clients, and other stakeholders of your ad agency via interactive messaging and chat features.

Secure File Sharing

Say goodbye to never-ending chains of emails and repetitive workflows of file sharing. Maintain a secure content repository for your ad firm and store files in one place. Create a centralized library - enabling clients and teams to access required information from anywhere in the world via any device of their choosing.

Operations at a Glance

Manage tasks with ease and maintain a quick turnaround time for clients. LoTops gives you a bird’s eye view of all the, ongoing and completed tasks for projects - enabling ad agencies to embrace agility in operations.

Manage Tasks

Eliminate the noise and create transparent workflows for creative teams. Split ad projects into tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress with ease.

Go Mobile

Stay connected with operations on-site and remotely. View tasks, chat with teams, collaborate with clients, and access your backpack on-the-go via LoTops mobile app - compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Track Everything

Keep your teams focused and on track with your agency goals. LoTops visualizes the collective efforts of your marketing teams and other activities via an interactive dashboard - the Pulse - giving you a glimpse of all the tasks, activities, and creative efforts your agency has done.