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Keeping track of how happy your customers are is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  But how do you do it in a systematic, quantitative way? 

Today, many businesses use a simple metric called NPS – or, Net Promoter Score. 

It’s a quick and easy question for a customer to complete but a surprisingly powerful tool for evaluating customer satisfaction. 

Here’s how it works: Given a scale of 0-10, your customers are asked the likelihood they’d recommend you. 9 or 10s are ‘promoters.‘ 6 or lower are ‘detractors.’ Take your percentage of promoters and subtract your percentage of detractors and you’ll get an NPS somewhere from –100 to 100. 

What’s a good score?  50 or above is solid.  70 or above is very strong.  

With NPS, one number gives you quick insight into the health of your customer relationships.