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Not so long ago, the technology landscape for most businesses looked a lot different than it does today.

A lot more was done with no software– paper and pencil were more prevalent.  And even for a couple of decades after the emergence of desktop computers, most businesses still ran on Excel spreadsheets and maybe a copy of QuickBooks.

Then the internet arrived and, of course, lots of businesses now needed a website and businesses also started using email.

And since the emergence of the internet, as connections have gotten quicker, more and more businesses can now access powerful software via subscription that used to only be available to larger companies.

Today, the five core systems that most businesses run on are: accounting software, email newsletter software (think MailChimp, for instance), email and word processing applications (usually Office 365 or GSuite), website hosting (think GoDaddy, for instance) and CRM or customer relationship management (hopefully, you’ll think of LoTops).

There are lots of options and variations out there, but most businesses today run on a combination of these core software systems.