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Quite simply, LoTops has made our work faster, easier and more enjoyable. I’m a LoTops fan! Margaret Adams

LoTops allows us to spend less time managing and more time actually working. Having tasks, feedback, files, and chat in one place makes progress easier. Our projects have a sense of flow now. Ken Nelson

We used to have 4 or 5 tools and methods we were using to try to keep things organized. And it just wasn’t working as we grew. Things were stressful. LoTops replaced all that – and reduced the stress. Lisa Hall

Everybody on our teams now knows what’s assigned to them and when it’s due. That creates a lot of clarity. Work just gets done faster. Jennifer Green

The kanban board provides such a clear visualization of project progress. I don’t think I could go back to managing projects without it. We let our clients see our kanban boards as well – they like seeing the progress too! Mark Wright

Having all of our files in the right place reduces a lot of stress and actually eliminates a lot of unnecessary emails. There’s no more asking, ‘Where is this or that file for the project?’ It’s in LoTops! Daniel Wilson