8 Important CRM Stats for Small Business

Having a CRM for your business is all about data--turning the key pieces of creating and managing customer relationships into  data that can be tracked, analyzed and acted upon. So it only makes sense that the consideration of using a CRM should be informed by data too. Have no fear, we've got the data.  Below are 8 key stats about CRMs.   1.  CRMs Offer Great ROI At the end of the day, business is about earning more than you spend and making smart investments.  CRM software is definitely a smart investment.  Nucleus Research reports that CRMs average a return of $8.71 [...]

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What businesses can LoTops help?

A quick note on who LoTops is designed for. LoTops is designed to have a pretty robust set of business management features included alongside its CRM.  But one of the main goals of LoTops is also to have a system that's easy to learn and quick to use.  The motivation came from my own experience both as a small business owner with intense time and organization demands and also from the feedback and questions we'd get from other small and medium business owners we worked with as web design and IT clients about technology solutions they were looking for frequently. [...]

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LoTops Easy CRM and Project Management

We're really excited to be launching LoTops.  LoTops is an easy-to-use CRM and project management application for small and medium-sized businesses. The idea to build LoTops came from my own desire as a business owner to have a single place to manage and grow client relationships that is intuitive, easy and quick to navigate, and highlights the most important information I want to get updated on --but that is also powerful enough to take care of a variety of tasks that eat up a lot of time and stand in the way of getting business done. LoTops handles client and [...]

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