The Future of Remote Work Is Now

1 min read

A lot of people today talk about what ‘the future’ of remote work will look like.

I would suggest that the future of remote work is now.

What do I mean by that?  Well, if you compare where we’re at in terms of remote work to two years ago, I’d say we’re still 18 years in the future right now.  A ballpark estimate would be that Covid accelerated the adoption of remote work by about twenty years.

We’ve always worked remotely — from years prior to the pandemic.  Back then, before Covid, when I’d mention that we work remotely, I’d pretty frequently get a response along the lines of, ‘so how does that work?’  Remote teams were an outlier.  Sort of a curiosity. I don’t hear those questions anymore.  Remote is an accepted, normal option these days.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every business is going to work remotely.  Many will be entirely remote, many will be hybrid and some will be entirely in-office.  But, the big difference is that every business today will consider remote work and have to make a decision about it.

That’s a huge sea change in just two years.  And it’s become so prevalent that it’s easy to forget how different it is from just a short time ago.