Software-Enabled Remote Work

1 min read

We use LoTops to make LoTops.  And, in fact, our team has been remote since we started — before Covid changed so many workplaces and introduced remote work as a mainstream trend.

We were always remote by choice — we didn’t feel we needed an office and we did want to be able to accommodate a team that would be geographically distributed.

Prior to Covid, when we would tell our friends and family that we worked as a remote team, they would often ask, ‘So how does that work?’

And we would say — ‘well, we’ve got good software that lets us collaborate. (It’s called LoTops, btw — you should check it out!).’

As more and more businesses now actively choose fully remote work (or hybrid setups), they’re asking the same main question, ‘So how does that work?’

Obviously, there are a number of pieces to the answer.  But one of the main pieces is collaboration software that is easy to use and creates a central ‘workplace’ online.