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LoTops CRM includes a Projects interface for managing all of your projects.

When you create a Project, you have the ability to link that project to a Contact or Ally.  For instance, if you run an accounting firm and and you’re creating the Project ‘Bill Livingston’s 2019 Taxes,’ you might naturally want to link that Project to your Client Bill Livingston.

Our newest feature in LoTops, Projects Tabs, now lets you easily see which of your Projects are linked to a Contact.  So, if you were looking at Bill Livingston’s record in the Contacts Interface, in the Projects Tab of his record you’d see ‘Bill Livingston’s 2019 Taxes.’  You’d even be able to edit some of the primary info for that Project right there in the Tab.

Projects Tabs make Projects more visible and accessible.  You’ll see them in the Contacts, Allies and Organizations Interfaces.