What is a Marketing Project Manager, and what do they do?

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If you remain confused about what a marketing manager does, don’t be!  This post is a brief overview of this growing professional role.

A marketing project manager is a point person for the development of marketing projects and campaigns, overseeing teams and planning form implementation to delivery.

It’s a supervisory, directive role that can also encompass active participation in the project or campaign itself.

Job Responsibilities of a Marketing Project Manager

Effective marketing managers must wear several hats.  Let’s take a look at some of the key roles and responsibilities a typical marketing project manager will assume.

One of the primary responsibilities for a marketing manager in an agency is often working with a marketing director.  A marketing director will often be the superior in this relationship, often with several projects under his or her umbrella.  The marketing director might also have the more direct relationship with the client and agency leadership.

Project managers also need to collaborate with writers, designers and other curators for any project.  There are several components to this.  No good marketing happens without talented creatives and a good project manager will not only understand how to effectively direct and guide these workers, but will also have the ability to recognize compatible talents and assemble the right team for a project.

Project managers will also typically have ultimate responsibility for the project or campaign calendar.  This can encompass a variety of elements, from team meetings and client meetings to project deliverables and ongoing content publication.

A marketing project manager will also have responsibility very often for ensuring that a project remains on budget.  This encompasses monitoring both material expenses and labor expenses.  Project scope bloat, changing client demands and other pressures must be handled for effective cost control on any project.

Finally, the project manager will also have responsibility for interactions with vendors and partners assisting on a project.

What are the keys skills for marketing project manager?

So, as we’ve seen, a marketing manager has a lot on her plate and must handle a variety of responsibilities.  A successful project manager must have a combination of both soft and technical skills.

Perhaps the most important are strong communication skills.  For a marketing manager, this skill is a MUST.  The manager has to lead stakeholders and team members with clarity and precision, so it’s critical that they accurately communicate all the goals, tasks, and strategies to each person.

Strong time management skills are another key.  A critical aspect of successful project delivery is meeting deadlines. Staying on top of several moving parts, ensuring the meeting of deadlines, and monitoring progress all come under practical time management skills.

A project manager will very often be an integral part of the strategy development for a project and so strong analytical skills also play an important role.  This is important in ongoing project implementation as well, where a project manager will often have approval responsibilities for various deliverables and must assess if they meet strategic needs.

Educational qualifications for a marketing project manager 

This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in business, management, marketing communications, or journalism. These degrees usually equip students with the skills to pursue a career as a marketing manager.

However, you’ll often come across marketing project managers who come from a creative background and will have an arts-focused educational background.

As with any managerial position, the jump is usually not directly from college to a leadership position.  Most project managers have several years of agency experience under their belt.