What’s Your Priority?

1 min read

For 500 years, English had no plural form of ‘PRIORITY.’ ‘Priorities’ didn’t exist.  There was only the ONE most important thing.

This little factoid can be a good anchoring point when you’re facing a project.  If you think your project has 5 top priorities that are all equally important, you’re most likely headed for problems.

It can feel safe and even responsible to say that a list of important items in a project are all equally important.  But they’re not. At least not at this moment.  At this moment –now– there is something that is most important to tackle.

Force yourself to determine what is currently the top priority.  Even if you have to guess.  Don’t worry — you don’t have to live or die with this guess forever.

Your next step is to gather feedback at regular intervals to see if it’s the right priority.

So give it a shot.  Discipline yourself to start ranking your priorities and selecting a top one.  You’ll be amazed how much more productive you can be.

And remember: when you have lots of equal priorities, you really don’t have any.