Connect With Teams

No more working in silos. Share ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate with ease - communicate via a unified solution and connect with globally dispersed teams along with your clients. LoTops comes with built-in chat and messaging features - ensuring effective communication among remote

Manage Roles

Identify roles and create transparent workflows effortlessly. Communicate deadlines and keep your teams informed about deliverables. LoTops provides marketing agencies with all the right tools to create, assign, and manage tasks via a single screen without having to invest in or switch to other platforms.

Share Files

Maintain a central content repository and facilitate easy access to information. LoTops gives you dedicated cloud space to upload and store important documents, folders, files, and media - enabling remote teams, clients, and stakeholders to access the required information hassle-free from anywhere in the world.

Embrace Excellence

Ensure optimal productivity and never miss a deadline. LoTops sends real-time alerts and notifications - keeping remote teams up-to-date with assigned tasks, upcoming deadlines, scheduled client meetings, and important events.

Digital Backpack

Working remotely for an agency makes it a bit difficult to stay organized and keep track of things. With LoTops, every user gets a backpack to store personal items or files, assigned or delegated tasks, a personalized calendar with due dates and schedules, and draft messages for easy access from anywhere in the world.

Kanban Board

Break goals into milestones and visualize progress as you proceed. Manage tasks assigned to remote teams and empower them to show progress via a single screen. Gain clear visibility and manage workflows with drag-and-drop using LoTops Kanban Board.

Client Invitations

Facilitate real-time collaboration among agency clients and globally dispersed remote teams. Take clients on board to share insights and receive feedback on tasks to streamline workflows. LoTops is a unified solution that connects marketing teams, clients, and other project stakeholders - helping you ensure effective collaboration.

The Pulse

Get a bird’s eye view of everything with respect to the tasks at hand and stay up to date with agency operations. LoTops visualizes the activities of your remote marketing teams via an interactive dashboard - giving you clear visibility of the current standing to ease planning and team management.