Project Milestones & Tasks

Translate projects into achievable milestones. Create tasks and set clear deadlines - eliminating all confusions when working remotely. Build flexible project timelines as LoTops ensures that you have a clear idea of where you are, where you’re headed, and where you have to be.

Optimized Workflows

Keep globally dispersed teams aligned with the project goals. Create transparent workflows and equip remote teams with the right information and tools required to achieve the milestones. LoTops ensures that everyone is on the same page, no matter which part of the world they’ve logged in for work from.

Instant Messaging

Send messages with ease via a centralized communication platform without having to rely on multiple apps. Send important documents, files or media, share task updates, and brainstorm on the tasks via LoTops - ensuring effective communication at work.

Seamless Collaboration

Declutter your inbox and ditch the old school communication tactics. Empower teams to collaborate among themselves, with clients, and other project stakeholders in real-time without having to invest in multiple tools. LoTops comes with an interactive chat feature for seamless collaboration within and outside teams or organization.


Tag individuals in threads for reminders or updates, share or receive instant feedback for tasks, and acknowledge accelerated approval processes. Facilitate collaboration across the board via mentions - connecting everyone in a remote work setting.

Kanban Board

Split projects into different stages and visualize progress for project stakeholders with ease. Empower teams to mark their progress with drag-and-drop simplicity. LoTops gives you clear visibility of all activities via a visually pleasing and interactive Kanban Board.

Centralized Database

Maintain a content repository and enable project stakeholders to access data with ease. LoTops provides you with a secure cloud space for uploading and storing project documents, files, folders, and media - facilitating collaboration.

External Invites

Share project insights with ease and empower project stakeholders to share their feedback on tasks - keeping them up-to-date with the progress in real-time. With you in charge of the access rights and privileges, LoTops serves as a bridge between your clients and teams - facilitating hitch-free collaboration.