Intuitive Portfolio Management

Stay organized and manage resources across a project portfolio via a single screen. LoTops makes it easier to manage projects, track activities, and generate reports by giving you access to leading-edge project portfolio management tools.

Real-Time Updates

Track your progress in real-time and stay up to date with your current standing. Make better and informed decisions as LoTops brings all information at your fingertips for tasks, activities, and events as the projects progress.

Project Roadmap

Create transparent workflows and clear roadmap for your portfolio. Create tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities to pursue milestones with utmost clarity. LoTops enables you to exceed clients’ expectations for long term and short term projects.

Effortless Client Management

Collaborate with ease and streamline client management. Empower clients to share their feedback on tasks and activities in real-time by sharing controlled access to your workspace - keeping them up-to-date with deliverables via a one-stop PPM platform.

Project Heartbeat

Get a bird’s eye view of all projects and insights at a glance. Manage your portfolio and track key metrics including tasks, activities, events, and more. LoTops gives you a glimpse of everything on a single screen via the Pulse.

Messaging & Chat

Collaborate with globally dispersed teams, clients, and project stakeholders with ease. Ditch the traditional ways and ensure effective communication across the board as LoTops helps you modernize the way you coordinate via its private messaging and interactive chat capabilities.

Content Repository

Maintain a central database and authorize access to information with ease. Store files, documents, media, and more on a secure cloud space as LoTops enables you to keep a content repository for different projects - facilitating seamless access to information and hassle-free data management.

Alerts & Notifications

Maintain a personalized calendar for each project and stay on top of your to-do list. LoTops sends smart notifications and reminders - ensuring that you never miss a deadline, forget about a meeting, or skip an important event.