Task Management

LoTops lets you easily create, assign and track tasks for teams and projects. So everybody has quick, full insight into the work in progress. You can set priority levels, estimate required time, and attach files and comments to tasks.

Message Boards

In every project in LoTops you can post messages for everyone to see and comment on. Ask questions, share ideas, or emphasize important points. Messages allow you to organize and make visible ongoing topics.

Client Collaboration

You have the option to invite clients to your projects, keeping clients automatically in the loop and drastically cutting down on emails and time lost waiting for client feedback. Don't worry -- you have granular control to provide client access to specific project items and not to others.

Company-wide, Team-wide and 1:1 Chat

LoTops provides an organized, unified chat platform. Dedicated channels are automatically created for your entire business, individual teams and every project. You can see who is online in real time and also send one-to-one direct messages to any user.

Kanban Boards

You can view and manage all of your tasks in kanban boards, allowing you to easily visualize workflows, track progress and spot bottlenecks.

File Storage, Sharing & Creation

You can upload unlimited files, including documents, pictures and videos. You can also link to Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox files. And you can create new text documents directly inside LoTops. Your files become organized by project and team and instantly accessible.

Time Forecasting, Tracking and Reporting

You can estimate and log time for all tasks directly in LoTops. And flexible reporting allows you to generate and export timesheets for teams, projects and individuals. Time reporting also allows you to compare estimated time to the actual time required.

Custom Workflows

Does your business have its own set of stages tasks need to pass through? LoTops lets you create unlimited custom workflows and choose which workflow you'd like to use for individual projects.

Automated Notifications

LoTops provides automated notifications in the software, in your web browser, in the mobile app and via email -- so you're made aware of the latest updates even when you're not in LoTops. And you have the ability to set your individual level of notifications to receive more or fewer notifications.

Company, Project and Individual Calendars

LoTops make staying on schedule easy. Every workspace has a dedicated calendar that shows all task due dates, project milestones and events for that team or project. And individual users have their own calendar that's automatically updated with all of your upcoming tasks and events.

Daily Activity Emails

At the end of each workday, LoTops sends you an email with a list of all activity across your teams and projects. It's an easy, automated way to stay up-to-date with everything your teammates have done.

Freelancer, Partner & Vendor Collaboration

Working with freelancers, partner agencies or even vendors to deliver a project? No problem! LoTops lets you invite users from outside your company to collaborate on individual projects.

Project, Team and Company Activity Logs

LoTops makes it easy and quick to see who has done what, where. So you can stay on top of what's happening and cut down on emails and calls asking for updates.

Convenient Commenting

You can add comments (and replies) to tasks, files, messages and events. So the context and intent is clear, important details are emphasized, and confusion is eliminated.

Project Milestones

Set important tasks is your project's lifecycle as milestones so they're easily visible in lists and calendars.

Progress Tracking

In LoTops, you can quickly and easily show the percentage of a task that's been completed -- so everyone knows how much progress has been made.

Fully-synced Mobile Apps

LoTops offers full mobile apps for both Android and iPhones, so you can work on the go. And automated push notifications keep you in the loop no matter where you are.