Transparent Workflows

Maintain a seamless flow of information and embrace transparency across the board. LoTops helps you ensure that everyone is on the same page with respect to the assigned responsibilities and clear on how their tasks contribute to project goals.

Tailored to Your Needs

Choose a collaboration solution that matches your work style, not the other way around. LoTops is a tailored collaboration tool that best serves the needs of growing teams - facilitating users with custom solutions - in harmony with their work culture and industry best practices.

Communicate Effectively

Send files, host discussions, and share task updates without having to rely on multiple tools. Acknowledge effortless team coordination as LoTops comes with built-in messaging and chat features - allowing users to communicate hassle-free via a central channel.

Collaborate With Teams

Ensure seamless collaboration among teams on interdependent tasks. Share quick updates and speed up approval processes. Ditch the never-ending back-and-forth on emails as LoTops allows you to tag respective team members in tasks, discussion threads, and more - ensuring real-time collaboration via @mentions.

External Invites

Share project updates with ease and empower clients to provide their feedback on tasks in real-time. LoTops allows you to share controlled access to your workspace - keeping clients and project stakeholders up-to-date with the workflows and deliverables as you progress.

Secure File Sharing

Upload files on a central database and ensure easy access to information. LoTops provides you with a secure cloud space where you can upload documents, media files, sensitive business information, and project data to be accessed by authorized personnel hitch-free.

Stay Connected

Get a bird’s eye view of all projects and information at a glance. Enable teams to mark their progress, track activities, and stay up to date with project deliverables. Gain clear visibility of where you are and where you’re headed with LoTops’ interactive Kanban Board.

Go Mobile

Collaborate with your team and project stakeholders via smart project collaboration software. Stay productive and connected with your operations on the go with LoTops’ interactive mobile app - compatible with Android and iOS platforms.