Make your project communication top-tier. Get access to awesome communication via LoTops messages about all your projects, teams, and organization. Easily post important announcements and updates, ask questions, and comment on messages. Keep your team well informed and updated about all the important details of your business projects, and avoid all sorts of delays. It's the best way to keep all your important business messages well organized.


Get a bird's eye view of all your important files and handle them like a pro. These contain all the images as well as documents that you upload for your projects so you know exactly how much material you have for a project. Select who can get access to confidential documents. Update your files with their newer versions with ease and manage your documents like a real pro with LoTops!


Communicate with your team members in real-time and boost your productivity rate. Categorize your chats according to each project and add the team members working on that specific project. View the latest messages at the bottom of your screen so you never miss the updates for the day. Attach important files and images to chats and make communication a lot better. Make the communication of your projects easy and uncomplicated with LoTops!

Task Management

Break your work into uncomplicated and manageable parts for your team. Easily create and view task lists and assign them to yourself or the team. Create separate lists and arrange your work according to different stages of a project. View them with ease from “My tasks". Assign your task lists names and add notes to describe the list so your team knows exactly what each task list is all about. LoTops makes it achievable to break down plans into milestones and prioritize tasks to keep up with the deliverables. Now you can keep all your tasks at hand properly managed and organized, so you never miss any deadline again.


View all your ongoing projects, upcoming events, and deadlines from the calendar and never miss any deadlines or event dates again. LoTops offers a separate calendar for each team and project so your team never gets confused or jumbled up in tasks or events that are not related to them. Make it super easy for your team to meet deadlines!


Stay updated about all the latest activities of your business including chat messages and direct messages. Set the notification settings according to what best suits your schedule.


Grab the attention of other LoTops users with ease by mentioning them. Notify the user of the latest thing that they need to know or update you about. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and long waits for an email reply.


Keep all your personal items in your LoTops backpack for easy access whenever you need them. Your Backpack is located on your dashboard where you can easily access it. Never scramble to find important files ever again and keep all the important stuff in one place, perfectly organized.

Mobile apps

Get the efficient and easy-to-use mobile app of LoTops and access your important files from anywhere with ease. The Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, so you can have the app on all your devices.

Inviting clients

Invite clients for important discussions with ease. Give them access to important files that need their immediate attention and avoid all sorts of communication delays. Keep your clients well informed and up-to-date with the progress of their projects and earn 100% customer satisfaction for your business.


Get the updates on everything going on in your workspace, from all the team tasks to project processes. Check the pulse of everything in a hassle-free way! Get access to the "pulse" from the main dashboard and know whats on the plate for you!

Trash and Archive

Don't need an item anymore? Move it aside from your important documents by putting it in the trash or archive folder. Don't want an irrelevant comment or DM in your way, delete it now with ease. Make your workspace clutter-free and focus on the important project tasks at hand!

Kanban boards

The best way to visualize all your tasks and see the progress of your projects in a clear-cut view. An efficient and effective alternative to creating task lists if visual content works better for you. Make your project management top-tier with LoTops awesome Kanban boards.