Project Planning

Turn your ambitious ideas into workable plans with LoTops. Our Kanban Board Solution helps you elevate your project management strategy by visualizing, analyzing, and improving the workflows continuously.

Spot the Bottlenecks

Gear up and ensure productivity at full throttle. Utilize your resource capacity to its full potential with LoTops as we help you identify the bottlenecks - enabling you to devise solutions and overcome the unforeseen challenges with ease.

Real Time Collaboration

Visualize your workflows and collaborate with project stakeholders in real time with ease. Our Kanban Board Solution gives you complete visibility of things - keeping everyone up-to-date with the progress - enabling you to ensure transparent flow of information.

Easy Task Management

Prioritize your work with a clear focus on goals and deliver more value in less time. LoTops makes it possible to break down goals into milestones and prioritize tasks to keep up with the deliverables. We help you nurture self-starters and self-managed teams - enabling you to foster excellence in operations.

Know It All

Witness transparency and ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Get a bird’s eye view of the project and stay connected to all the activities. Monitor tasks as they progress in the pipeline via the Kanban Board as we visualize your progress for you.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Stay organized and up to date throughout the lifecycle of projects. Use cards to move tasks in the pipeline with ease and track progress via a user-friendly interface. LoTops offers drag-and-drop simplicity to maneuver tasks in different work stages.