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One of the most famous quotes of iconic management consultant Peter Drucker is:  ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’

That principle applies to managing customer relationships.

How strong are your customer relationships?  It’s very hard to answer that question very confidently without having any real, objective data.

Are your customer relationships getting stronger?  What concrete steps could you take that would meaningfully improve those customer relationships?  Again, these are questions that are very hard to answer without measurements and data.

One of the most popular methods these days of tracking customer relationships is recording your Net Promoter Score, which works on a definite scale of response scores.

But there are other ways as well.  You can simply ask your customers how happy they are with each interaction.  Or with particular features of your service.  Or if there is anything they’re unhappy with.

You can figure out what works best for your business.  The important thing is to record the answers in your CRM so you have actual measurements to track and review over time.