What do marketing agencies do?

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You probably won’t be surprised to learn that marketing agencies are responsible for creating and implementing their clients’ marketing plans.  But what does that entail, exactly?  And how does it get done?

From a high-level perspective, marketing agencies can be involved in some of the most fundamental strategic decisions that a business makes: what to sell or what to do, who to sell to and even what particular industry to define your business as belonging to.

And marketing agencies can work not only on strategy but also on implementation.  From creative production to campaign management and tracking.

And agencies can also be divided by what they specialize in.  Some agencies are industry-specific, some are B2B (business to business) as opposed to D2C (direct to consumer), some focus on PPC campaign management, others SEO and content creation.  Some focus on PR, while others on direct mail campaigns. The varieties are seemingly endless.

What services does a marketing agency offer?

Again, this will vary widely depending on what type of agency you’re working with.  But we can look at some general services that will be broadly applicable to many agencies.

One key area is market research.  Many agencies will do surveys, research existing market and competitor data and also use their experience in a particular market to help determine strategies and approaches.

Another broad area of work among agencies is creative work.  Whether it’s print layouts for flyers, website designs, copywriting or video creation, creative work by artistically talented workers is a core component of many marketing agencies.

Media buying, whether it’s on tv, radio, billboards or online, is another big area of marketing work.  It takes analysis and expertise to strategically place ads in the right place at an efficient price.

The benefits of using a marketing agency

Marketing agencies can be an excellent resource for any business.  By outsourcing your marketing efforts to an agency, you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Marketing agencies have the expertise and resources to help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy, execute effective marketing campaigns, and measure the results.

And a worthy investment for almost all businesses at an early point in their lives is to have some key elements of professional branding, including a quality logo, business cards, a website and perhaps signage for a physical location.

One of the keys for a successful engagement with any marketing agency is having clarity and agreement on what constitutes success.  If you’re a Fortune 500 company, simply raising your ‘brand awareness’ might be a valuable goal.  For a smaller business, having some more specific goal of revenue gains or new customers added might be more appropriate.