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In LoTops, there are 3 types of collaboration areas, or workspaces: Company, Teams and Projects.



All three types of workspaces operate in essentially the same way: they have the same features and therefore allow the same types of work and interaction to take place.  

And, each type of workspace can only be viewed and accessed by users who are invited to that workspace.




There can be only one Company in your LoTops account.  This is where your entire company interacts and every member of your company should be invited to the Company workspace.  

Company is a good place to post messages that are relevant for the entire company.  It’s also a great place to share files that are available as resources to everyone at the company, such as company policies, best practice guidelines, contact information for key people, time-off policies and anything else you’d like to make quickly accessible for everyone. 

The chat feature in Company is also the place for company-wide real-time chat conversations.

If you’d like, you can invite freelancers, partners or vendors to your Company workspace. 




Teams are the workspaces for ongoing collaboration among your permanent, established teams.  For example, you might create Teams for your sales team, your operations team, your HR team or even teams at different regional offices.

You can have an unlimited number of teams in your LoTops account.

If you’d like, you can invite freelancers, partners or vendors to your Team workspace.




Projects are the workspaces for specific projects.  If you’re building a website for one client or running an SEO campaign for another client, you’d create a Project workspace for each.

Of course, you can also use a Project workspace to collaborate on an internal project for your business, like hiring a new website designer or planning a company retreat.

If you’d like, you can invite freelancers, partners or vendors to your Project workspace.  They’ll be members of your team in that project, have the same access as other users in the project and appear to everyone as members of your team. 

You can also invite clients to your Project workspace if you’d like.  You can control which features and items invited clients see.  Invited clients will be clearly marked as ‘the client’ in the workspace; unlike invited freelancers, partners or vendors, clients do not appear as part of your team.

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