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A workflow is the set of stages that a task passes through on its way to completion.

In LoTops, your business can have an unlimited number of workflows; when you create a team or a project, you’ll be prompted to select the workflow that you want to use for all tasklists (and their individual tasks) in that team or project.

You can use different workflows for different teams and projects.  However, you can only use one workflow for each workspace.

Each stage of the workflow is represented as a column in the kanban board.  You can change the stage of a task by moving the task tile to a new column on the kanban board.  You can also change the stage of a task by selecting a new stage from the ‘Stage’ dropdown in the task details.



Default Workflows


LoTops provides you with two pre-built workflows, ‘Simple Workflow’ and ‘Kanban Workflow.’

The Simple Workflow has two stages: To-do and Done.

The Kanban Workflow has three stages: Backlog, To-Do and Done.


Managing Workflows in the Admin Area


Adding a New Workflow


You can add a new workflow for your account by selecting the circular green ‘Add’ button at the top left of the workflows page.

You’ll then be prompted to give your new workflow a name.


Once you name your workflow and save it, you’ll see the new workflow listed in the workflows page.


Your new workflow does not yet have any stages.  To add them, select the grey ‘Stages’ button below your new workflow’s name.

You’ll then be taken to your new workflow’s management page.  


Select the green ‘plus’ button at the top left of the page.  You’ll then be prompted to name your new stage.


Once you add your new name and save it, it will be added as the first stage of your new workflow.

Then add all of the other stages you’d like for your workflow.  When you’ve added your last stage, your new workflow has been created! (Note that your last stage should indicate the task has been completed; any task in the final stage of a workflow will have its status changed to ‘completed.’ )

This workflow is now available to all LoTops users when creating a team or project.


Changing an Existing Workflow


You can change an existing workflow in the admin workflows area by adding new stages or re-naming or deleting existing stages.  To re-name or delete an existing stage, select the appropriate icon in the ‘Actions’ column.

(Note that edits to existing workflows will only apply to future uses of that workflow; any instances of the workflow that are in current use in a team or project will not be affected.)


Editing a Workflow Inside a Team or Project


You can change an existing workflow that is in use by using the editing tools in the kanban board.  

(Note that these changes will apply to all tasklists inside that specific project or team.  However, these changes will not affect use of the workflow in other workspaces or future uses of the workflow. 

To make changes to a workflow that will apply to all future uses of the workflow, you must make the changes in the workflows page in the admin area — see above.)

In the top right of each column are three icons.  The pencil icon allows column name changes and the trash can allows removal of the column/stage from the workflow. 

(Note that to be allowed to delete a column/stage, there can be no tasks in that stage.  This is true even if you have multiple tasklists inside your workspace — there can be no tasks in that stage in any tasklist inside your workspace.)

The third icon, the green ‘Plus’ sign, allows you to access the workflow management page.  The plus icon is also located at the top right of entire kanban board.

(Again, note that the plus icon is taking you to a management page for the workflow in use in this workspace only — changes made there will not affect any other workspace. This is not the admin page for workflow management.)

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