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Trash & Archive


If you don’t need an item anymore, you can choose to either place it in the trash or archive it.

If you archive an item, it will remained archived (out of the main area of your project, team or company but restorable), indefinitely.

If you place an item in the trash, it will be automatically, permanently deleted by LoTops after 30 days (unless it is manually restored or permanently deleted prior to that). 

Note that if you delete a comment, chat message or DM it will not go to the trash — it will simply be immediately, permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


Placing Items in the Trash


To place an item in the trash, select the dropdown in the top right and select ‘trash’ from the options.

After selecting to place the item in the trash, you’ll see confirmation that the item is in the trash.


Seeing Trashed Items of a Project


Any user (admin or non-admin) can see the items in the company, teams and projects they belong to that have been placed in the trash.  To do so, select the dropdown in the top right corner of the project (or team or company) and select ‘See items in the trash.’


You’ll then see all the items from that project (or team or company) that are currently in the trash.


Restoring and Permanently Deleting Items


If you select the trashed item, different users will have different options.   A regular, non-admin user can permanently delete only an item they created themselves.  An admin can permanently delete any item, no matter who created it.  Any user can restore any item.


Admin Trash View


Admins also have the ability to see all trashed items in LoTops by going to the Admin area and selecting ‘Trash.’


They’ll then see the admin trash area showing all items currently in the trash.  A green-outlined button will allow you to empty all trash — which will permanently delete all items in the trash.


You can also choose to select an individual item in the trash.  You’ll then have the opportunity to either restore that item or permanently delete it.


Archiving Items


To archive an item, click the dropdown icon in the top right and select ‘Archive.’


You will then see confirmation that the item has been archived.  Archived items also present you with the option to unarchive them or place them in the trash.


Viewing Archived Items


Once you’ve archived an item in a feature (in this case, Messages), you’ll see a button at the bottom of that feature notifying you that there are archived items.  Select it and you’ll see all archived items for that feature.


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