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Time Logging and Reporting


LoTops allows you to generate custom time reporting based on the time logging users do inside individual tasks.

If you’re an admin, you’ll be able to see all time data from all users in LoTops.  If you’re a non-admin, you’ll be limited to accessing time data that is generated by people in projects and teams you’re a part of.  


Accessing Time Reporting

To access time reporting, go to Insights in the left main vertical menu on the home dashboard.

Once in Insights, you’ll see the ‘Time Log’ option at the bottom of the Insights menu.


Once you select the time log option, you’ll see the time reporting table.


Filtering Time Reports

You can filter time reports in three ways: via location (org, team or project), date range and user.

So, for instance, you can generate a time report to see how much time everybody in your company worked last week, or how much time Sarah worked last week, or how much time was spent on the Smithson website project this month.


Time Reporting Fields

Time reports will show all time logs created by users that meet the filtering criteria.   The information included for each time log (each row in the report) will be:

The individual task name

The one-line description the user entered to describe the work done during that time log entry

The user who entered the time log

The estimated time (if any) entered for that task

The time spent working for that time log

The current status of the task


Exporting Time Reports

You can export time reports to CSV files by selecting the ‘Export to CSV’ button at the top right.

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