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Tasks Overview

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Tasks can be created in 2 ways.

The first way is inside the Tasks interface.

NOTE: Tasks you create are automatically assigned to you by default, unless you choose to assign them to someone else.

Start by clicking the Add button in the top right corner.  After clicking Add, a Task titled ‘New Task’ will be created and automatically selected.

You’ll now be able to fill out the basic information for this Task, including its Title and a brief Description.

You’ll want to select a Category for the Task: Meeting, Phone Call, Email, Report or Other. You’ll then want to select a Start Date and Due Date for the Task. You’ll also be able to select whether it should repeat or not.

Next, you’ll want to set its Priority: Very High, High, Moderate, Low or Very Low. The Task Progress will be left at 0% for now, because the Task is just being created.  The Progress can be updated as the Task is worked on.

Finally, you can Assign the Task to a Team member and Link it to the appropriate record–either a Project, Lead, Contact or Ally.  (You can also choose not to Link it to any other record and keep it Independent.)

The second way to create a Task is to select the Task Tab inside the Leads, Contacts, Allies or Projects interfaces.  You’ll then click the Add button toward the bottom.

You can then create a Title for your Task.  Your new Task will automatically Link to the record inside which it was created.

To fill out additional information for the new Task, go to the main Task interface, where your new Task will be listed.

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