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Roles Overview

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The Roles interface is located in Admin Settings.  The Roles interface gives Admins the option to set up a Roles hierarchy for an organization that will determine which users can see and edit which records.

The default setting for LoTops is No Roles.  With No Roles selected, all users have full access to all Records and can view, edit, or delete any Record.

LoTops CRM No Roles

If an admin selects Assigned Roles, all users can be assigned to a Roles hierarchy. User names can easily be moved by drag and drop.

LoTops CRM Roles Interface

When you assign Roles in the hierarchy tree, a user’s Record visibility is limited based on his or her Role. Users can only view, edit, or delete Records created or owned by users beneath them in the tree.  However,  when creating Projects, any user can invite any other user to that Project, no matter which Contact its associated with.

These limitations apply to the user whether the user is an Admin or not.  So, for example, an Admin will only have access to the records permitted to her by the hierarchy and will only see data based on these limited records when she views her Reports and Charts in the Analytics interface.

**You can switch between No Roles and Assigned Roles.  However, you should do this rarely, as it will affect the record access and visibility of all users.  Users will only be able to send emails, create reports, or view data for records that they have permission to see.