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Projects Overview

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You can add a new Project in the Projects interface by selecting the Add button in the top right corner.  After you select it, a new Project will be created and automatically selected for you.

LoTops CRM Project

Now you’ll want to name your Project and give it a brief Description.

If you’d like to assign a Pipeline to the Project, you can select it from the dropdown of available Pipelines.  (Applying a Pipeline will make the Start-Due Dates and Assignees fields read-only.)

Since you’re creating a new Project, its Status will be ‘Not Started.’ 

Next, enter a Start Date and Due Date and select the Team members the Project is Assigned to.  Only Team members who are Assigned to a Project are able to participate in the Project and update its records.

Finally, select a Contact or Ally to Link the Project to, or keep it Independent if the Project is purely internal an unrelated to any Contact or Ally.