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Project Templates


Many businesses regularly do projects that are very similar in structure — like website development projects, or event planning or consulting engagements.

To save time when creating new projects, LoTops allows you to create templates for these projects that can be re-used.  


Creating a New Template


To begin creating a new template, select the ‘create a template’ link at the top of the projects area in your main dashboard.


Then you’ll be able to give the project template a name and description.


Your new template has been created.  You’ll see a layout that looks like a view of a typical project.  This is your project template.  And you can now set it up as you’d like.

 You can upload files (like client questionnaires, project guidelines, etc..), create task lists with tasks, and even add messages.




Creating a New Project From a Template


If you’ve added at least one template to LoTops, you’ll be presented with the option to use that template when creating new projects.

To create a new project from a template, select the green ‘Add New’ button in the projects area of the home dashboard, as you would when creating any project.

You’ll see a short dropdown.  Select ‘New from template.’


You’ll then see a pop-up giving you the option to select the template you’d like to use for this project.


Next, you’ll be given the option to set the details for the project.  After you’ve done that and hit save, the project has been created!



Managing and Editing Existing Templates


You can manage your existing templates.  To access your existing templates, select the same green ‘Add new’ button that you would use to create a new project.  

You’ll be presented with a short dropdown.   Select ‘Manage templates.’


You’ll be taken to a page where you can see all of your existing templates.  Here, you can select any template to edit it or delete it.  You’ll also have the option here to add a new template.

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