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Products Overview

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The Products interface allows you to manage the products and services you sell in LoTops.  The Products interface in LoTops is fully customizable, allowing you to create any Custom Fields for Product properties that you like.

To start using Products, the first step is to go to the Products interface in Admin Settings and create a Product Template.

Products Custom Fields LoTops CRM

In this example screenshot, our CPA Bob is going to momentarily pretend he’s a realtor.  So, as a realtor, the Products Bob would like to be able to add are houses.

To do so, Bob creates a Product Template called ‘House.’

Bob can then add any Custom Field that he likes to the Product Template.  Bob has added seven fields:  Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Square Feet and Style.  Note that these include different types of fields: some fields are Text fields, some are numbers fields and ‘Style’ is a dropdown field set with two options: Ranch or Colonial.

Now, in the main Products interface, when Bob chooses to add a new Product he’ll be able to select ‘House’ from available Product Templates.

Products LoTops CRM

When Bob selects ‘House’ the Custom Fields that he created are automatically shown.  To create an individual Product Instance, Bob now needs to give a Name to this Product and fill out the fields.  (Bob has named this Product by the house’s address.)

Note that the pricing fields for a Product (One-Time, Recurring and Tot. Value) automatically show for every Product.  There is no need to create these as Custom Fields.

The Inventory field will also automatically show for every Product.  This field allows you to manually mark a Product as Available or Out of Stock.  When a Product is marked as Out of Stock, it will be removed from visibility in the Sidebar and will not be available to be linked to any Deal. (When a house is sold, you will obviously want to mark it as Out of Stock.  But other products in other businesses may have inventory of more than one and be able to be sold multiple times.)

When you create a Deal, you may link a Product to that Deal.  When that Deal is marked as Won, the Product will be marked as Sold.  Note that Sold is a different status than Out of Stock.  A product may be Sold but not marked as Out of Stock.