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The Products interface in Admin Settings allows you to create and manage the Insurance Products you sell in LoTops.

When you create an Insurance Product in LoTops, you’ll need to give the Product a Name, designate it as Commission or Flat Fee, designate it as Annual or Bi-Annual, and, if applicable, set the Agency Commission Rate and the individual User Commission Rate for each team member.

(Note that the Agency Commission Rate is the entire amount paid to the agency. The Net Agency Commission Rate for a Product, which is seen in Reports, is calculated by subtracting the User Commission Rate from the Agency Commission Rate.)

Once you have added an Insurance Product in Admin Settings, that Product will appear in each user’s Products Interface. Note that each user will be able to see only their own User Commission Rate for that Product. Non-Admin users also will not see the Agency Commission Rate.

All Products will also show in the drop-down of available Products when creating new Deals.

Products cannot be deleted or added in the Products Interface and attributes of Products cannot be edited in the Products Interface. Products can only be added, deleted or edited in Admin Settings.

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