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PipeBoards Overview

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If you have created Pipelines, beneath the four Reports will be PipeBoards for each of those PipelinesPipeBoards allow you to track and manage the process of your Deals and Projects that have been assigned PipelinesPipeBoards display the Stages for that Pipeline as columns.  Each Project or Deal will be represented by a Tile, located in its current Stage (that is, column).

PipeBoard 2 LoTops CRM

When you click on a Tile in the PipeBoard, you’ll see all of the Tasks for that Stage of the Pipeline, who has been assigned each Task, the Due Date for each Task, whether that Task has been completed or not, and whether that Task is late.  Completed Tasks are listed in grey, open Tasks are listed in green, and late Tasks are listed in red.

PipeBoard LoTops CRM

PipeBoards also allow you to move Tiles to different Stages.  If you move a Tile from its current Stage to a later Stage, all of the Tasks from earlier Stages will be updated to ‘Completed.’   (You can also move a Tile to an earlier Stage, but you should be aware that doing so will cause all Tasks from later Stages to be updated to ‘Uncompleted.’)