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Office 365 Overview

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You can use your existing Microsoft email from within LoTops.  Supported Microsoft email platforms are Office 365,, Hotmail, and  

To integrate your email, go to the User dropdown in the top right of your LoTops screen.  Select User Settings, then Integrations.

Select Microsoft Family and then click the Connect button below.

You’ll then be prompted by Microsoft to approve the integration.  (If you have more than one email account with Microsoft, you’ll be asked to select the account you want to connect.)

After selecting the account, the integration will take place and you’ll be returned to Integrations in LoTops.  You’ll know the integration has occurred because the button at bottom will now offer the option to Disconnect your email provider.

Existing email histories with people whose email addresses you’ve already entered into LoTops should load within a few minutes in the Email Tabs in the Contacts Interface and Allies Interface. Your entire inbox will show in the Email Interface.

Please note that there may be a delay of a few minutes for sent and received emails to appear in LoTops. And there may be a delay of a few minutes when sending an email from within LoTops.