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Notifications let you stay aware of activity you’re interested in in LoTops, including chat messages and direct messages.  You can access your personal notification settings by selecting your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Personal Notifications Settings LoTops


In LoTops, you’ll be notified about activities by other Users in areas that you’re following.  By default, you’re automatically set to follow the Org and all Teams and Projects you’re a member of.  You can choose to unfollow an Org, Team or Project by selecting the settings dropdown in the top right corner of that area.  (You can still remain a member with access to an Org, Team or Project that you choose not to follow.)

You then have options as to how and how much you’ll be notified about activities in areas you’re following.  You can choose to be notified about all events or only a more limited set of activities that more directly involve you.  You can also choose the types of Notifications you’ll receive — whether emails, pop-ups on your desktop or push notifications on your mobile phone when using the mobile apps.

If the are hours of your week when you’d prefer not to receive Notifications from LoTops, you can set those as well.

Note that when you receive a Notification from LoTops you’ll also get a Notice of that same activity in Notices in the left column of your dashboard.  When you have unread Notices, LoTops will show a red dot in the browser tab on your desktop and a red dot on your home screen icon for the mobile app.

Finally, you can choose to receive consolidate email reports.  The weekly assignments email is sent out Monday morning and lists all assignments you have due in the upcoming work week.  The daily email report is sent at the end of each work day and lists all the activity across LoTops from that day.