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My Items


Each user of LoTops has their own space called ‘My Items’ where their personal items — and only their personal items — are kept together for easy access.

My Items is located in the left vertical menu of the home dashboard.  When you click on it, you’ll see a dropdown with 5 item areas.



Tasks shows both the tasks assigned to you and tasks you’ve assigned to other users.



Calendar is your personal calendar, showing all of the events and tasks with due dates on your schedule.


Recent Activity

Recent Activity shows your personal activity history.



Starred shows all items you have starred.  You can click on any starred item to be taken directly to it.

 Starring items is an easy way to mark important items you want to return to.



Drafts are all messages and files you’ve saved as drafts and have not yet published for others to see.  Your drafts are only visible to you.

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