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Messages is the place for posting notes in your projects (and teams and company).  The best way to think of Messages is as a public board for placing notes (announcements, updates, questions…) you want everyone to see and comment on.

When you post a message, everyone on that project (or team or company) will see that message and be able to comment on it.  Likewise, comments are visible to all project members as well.

Messages are organized automatically by the date the message was posted, with the latest messages at top.  If a message has comments, you’ll see the number of comments listed in a box to the right of that message listing.  Select any message to see its full content and comments.

Posting a New Message

Select the green ‘New’ button at top left to create and post a new message.  When you do, you’ll see a page allowing you to post a message with a title and content.

If you’ve invited a client to your project, you’ll be given an option to allow the client to see this message or for it to remain private to your team.

You can format the text of your message and attach files.

If you’re not ready to post your message, you can save it as a draft and go back to it to publish later.

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