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Mentions are an easy way to grab the attention of other users in LoTops when directing communication toward them.  When you add a mention of another user in your text, that user will receive a notification from LoTops.


Adding a @Mention

When you’re adding a comment on a file, message, task or event or posting a message in chat, you can add a mention by entering the ‘@’ character at the beginning of the other user’s name.

When you enter the ‘@’ character, you’ll see a dropdown of users in LoTops that you can select from.  To narrow that list, continue typing the first letters of the user’s name after the ‘@’ character and the dropdown will only show user names that start with that series of letters.

Once you select the user you want to communicate with, LoTops will display that user’s name in blue with the ‘@’ character at the beginning.  This will let you know a Mention has successfully been placed in the text.


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