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Leads Overview

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Leads are records of people that have made some indication that they are interested in your products or services or that fit your criteria for a good potential customer.

You can add a new Lead in the Leads interface by selecting the Add button in the top right corner.  After adding a new Lead, the new Lead will be automatically selected for you.  Start by filling in some basic information, including Name, Address, Role and Business (if applicable), Email, Phone and Background. If one of your existing Contacts referred this Lead to you, you’ll want to add that person in the Referrer field.

(If you click on the Map, you’ll be able to generate directions to the Contact.) 

You can add a Profile Picture of the Lead. You can then set the Status, Source and Rating of your Lead.

You can also assign the Lead to a specific team member using the Assignee field.   When you assign a Lead to a Team member, that user will receive an email from LoTops letting them know the Lead has been assigned to them.  You can see which Leads have been assigned to you by selecting the MyLeads tag in the Ribbon.

Once you’ve qualified a Lead as having real potential to be a Client, you can convert that Lead to an Opportunity and it will will be automatically moved to the Contacts Interface.

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