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Kanban Boards


Kanban boards offer an easy way to visualize your tasks and progress.   

Each tasklist can be viewed and managed in its own kanban board.

To access the kanban board for a tasklist, click on the ‘Board’ link at the top right of the tasklist.



After clicking on the ‘Board’ link, you’ll see your tasklist in the kanban board.


Updating Task Stages


To update the stage of a task, click on the task and drag it to a new column/stage.

The new stage will be automatically updated in the task’s details and will be reflected in the list view of the task as well.

(Note: if you move a task to the final stage of a workflow, its status will automatically be updated to ‘completed.’)

Adding New Tasks


You can add a new task to the board in any column by clicking the ‘Add a task’ button at the top of  that column.  


Viewing & Editing Task Details


You can view a task’s details by clicking on the task’s tile in the kanban board.   You can also access options for the task, including viewing and editing, by selecting the ellipse dropdown menu in the top right corner of each task tile.


If you select ‘Mark as Done’ from the dropdown menu, the task will be moved to the last stage/column of your kanban board and the task’s status will be set as ‘completed.’


Adding, Removing & Renaming Columns


Every kanban board in your project or team will have a set of columns that is determined by the workflow you applied to that project or team.

You can add to, remove, re-name and re-order the columns in your kanban board.  These changes will also change the stages of your workflow accordingly. 

(Note that these changes will apply to the workflow for all tasklists in this project or team, but they will not apply to any tasklists outside your current workspace.  And they will not permanently change the workflow when it is used in the future.)

The icons that allow column editing are located at the top of each column and at the top right of the kanban board.

If you’d like to remove a column, you can do so by selecting the red trash can icon at the top of that column.  Note that you will have to remove all tasks from that column before you’re allowed to delete it (this includes all instances of the column if you have multiple tasklists in your workspace).  If there are any archived tasks or deleted tasks from that column, they will be permanently deleted when the column is deleted.

If you’d like to rename a column, you can do so by selecting the green pencil icon at the top of that column.

If you’d like to add new columns or re-arrange the order of existing columns, you can select the green ‘plus’ icon at the top of any column or at the top right of the kanban board and you’ll be presented with a page that allows you to do so.


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