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Inviting Clients

A lot of communication on projects happens not just with coworkers, but with clients as well.  LoTops allows you to invite clients to individual projects, where you can allow them to have restricted access to items.

Inviting clients to a project is a great way to keep them automatically up-to-date on progress, discuss ideas with them and even assign tasks to them (like asking for feedback and approval of designs).  It’s also a way to have client feedback recorded in one place, which can limit possible confusion and disagreements.


Sending an Invite

To invite a person to a client to a project, first select ‘Add/remove people.’


You’ll then see a screen with all current users on the project.  Select the green ‘+Add People’ button toward the top right and select ‘Add a client to this project’ from the dropdown.


You’ll then have a screen that allows you to fill in the client’s information.  You’ll need to fill in the name of their company, their name and their email address.

After you’ve entered the client’s info, select the green ‘Send email’ button at the bottom.


The client will receive an email letting them know you’ve invited them to this project on LoTops.  (The email will briefly explain that LoTops is the collaboration software you’re using.  The client will also be prompted to set their password for LoTops.)

After selecting the ‘Send Email’ button, the client will now be listed in the users on the Project.  The client will be clearly identified as ‘The Client.’


Controlling Client Visibility and Access

Now, when you add a new message, file, task or event to the project, you’ll have the option to either allow the client to see it or not.  By default, the client is set not to see items. (You also have the option to set your Chat feature for your project to be visible to the client if you’d like.)


If you select ‘The client can also see this,’ the item will be made visible to the client.  When you go to this item in the future, you’ll see it clearly marked as visible to the client.


Changing An Item’s Visibility

You can change an item back to private by selecting ‘Visibility Settings’ on the right side of the green visibility button.


Client Notifications

By default, clients who are invited to a project will receive ‘Limited’ notifications.  (See more on notifications here.)  That means they will only receive notifications when someone assigns them a task, someone @Mentions them, or someone sends them a direct message. 

If the client would like to receive notifications for all non-private activity in the project, or, if the client would like to receive no notifications from LoTops, you can direct them to change their notifications settings. 

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