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Insights is where you go to see everything going on in the Company, Teams and Projects you’re a part of.  Both Admins and regular users will see presentations of the collected activity of all users taking place in the Org, Teams and Projects you’re a part of.

Insights is located in the left vertical menu of the main dashboard.  When you select Insights, you’ll see a page open with the seven sub-areas of Pulse located in a second vertical menu on the left: Recent Activity, Assignments, Overdue Tasks, Individual Activity, Recent Tasks, Upcoming Calendar and Time Log.


Recent Activity

Recent Activity will show you tiles for all recent actions taken.  The tiles will be organized by date and location of action.  Each tile has a link to the action.



Assignments allows you to see all active tasks assigned to each user.  You’ll see a menu of all users — select a name to see that user’s tasks.


Overdue Tasks

Overdue Tasks allows you to see any current tasks that have not been completed by their due date.


Individual Activity

Individual Activity allows you to see recent activity arranged by individual user.  You’ll see a menu of all users — select a name to see that user’s recent activity.


Recent Tasks

Recent Tasks is the place to see a daily breakdown of progress on task completion and assignment.  There’s a calendar dropdown at top (set by default to the current date).  For any date, you’ll see two columns — one for tasks added that day and one for tasks completed that day.


Upcoming Calendar

Upcoming Calendar is a calendar showing all scheduled events and tasks that have due dates.


Time Log

Time log is where you can generate customized time reports based on the time logging of users in individual tasks.  You can read more about time reporting here.

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