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Getting Started


Welcome to LoTops! 

You can start improving your project management right now!

This article will guide you on 3 easy steps to get up and running:

  1. 1. Add your company logo
  2. 2. Invite your teammates to your new LoTops account, and
  3. 3. Set up your first project.  

Of course, if you have questions about anything that’s just not clear, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.


1.  Add Your Company Logo


If you signed up and created a new account, you’ll automatically be an Admin.  As an Admin, you’ll see on the bottom of the left vertical menu of the home dashboard the Admin icon.

Click on the Admin icon and you’ll see the Admin dashboard.  There, you’ll see a button for ‘Logo.’

Select that button and you’ll see the Logo upload page.

Click the ‘Upload logo’ button and you’ll be able to select your logo file from your computer to upload.  It will then appear to the left of the upload area.  (Note that the max-width for your logo file is 150px, and the max-height for your logo file is 78px.)

After your logo has been uploaded and saved, click the Home button on the top of the main vertical menu on the left and you’ll be taken back to your home dashboard.  You’ll now see your logo at the top center of the home dashboard screen.


2. Invite Your Co-workers to LoTops


To invite your co-workers to LoTops, you’ll again go to the Admin area by clicking the Admin icon at the bottom of the main vertical menu on the left of the home dashboard.

In the Admin area, you’ll see a button for ‘Users.’

Select that button and you’ll be on the Users page where you’ll see all Users.  For a brand new account, this will only list you as of now.  Let’s change that!

Select the green ‘Add People’ button in the top right.

You’ll now see the screen that allows you to fill in the information for the co-worker you want to add. 

Add their name, email address, job title, your company name and the user’s time zone.

Then select the green ‘Next: What can they access?’ button at the bottom of the page.  You’ll be taken to a page listing all of your Teams and Projects and your Company.   For a brand new account, you’ll just have your Company listed.

Select the check box to the right of your Company and then save your changes.

This will send an invite email to your co-worker, who will now be able to set his or her password and access LoTops.  You’ll be taken back to the Users page in Admin, where your co-worker will now be listed.

Repeat this process for all the co-workers you’d like to have on LoTops.


3. Start Your First Project


Now to start your first project.   On your home dashboard, inside the projects area, select the green button for ‘Add New.’

You’ll then see a window where you can set the details for your new project.

First, you’ll need to enter a project name.  You’ll then have the option to add start and end dates for the project.

Next, you can add multiple existing users from your LoTops account to the project.  Clicking on the ‘Add users’ field will present you with a list of all current users to select from.

You can then choose to add a project manager if you’d like.

You can also add a short description of the project.

Finally, you’ll need to select a workflow, which will set the stages each task in the project goes through as it moves toward completion.

LoTops offers you two pre-built workflows: the Simple Workflow (2 stages: To-do / Done) and the Kanban Workflow (Backlog / To-Do / Done).  (You can add your own custom workflows in the Admin area.)


Click the green save button at bottom.

Your new project has been created! 

You’ll now see your new project listed at the top of the projects area of your home dashboard.  You’ll see the project description there as well if you added one.


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