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Files is where all of your files for your project (or team or organization) are located.   These include all the images and documents you uploaded to the project as well as new text documents you created directly in Files. It can also include links to files in your cloud providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Note that Files includes both the files you directly uploaded to Files as well as files you may have attached to a task, a chat or a message.


Uploading Files From Your Computer


To add a file directly to Files, click the ‘+New’ button toward the top left.  You’ll then see a dropdown giving you the options to upload a file from your computer, create a new document within LoTops or link to files or folders in Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.  (You’ll also see the option there to create a folder in which you can store multiple files.)

If you choose to upload a file, you’ll be given a directory of files on your computer.  Select the file you want.  The maximum individual file size is 18MB. The file name will fill-in in the upload window automatically, but you can change it if you want.  You can also add a note.


Linking to Cloud Files


If you choose to link a file from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, you’ll be presented with a layout to enter that file or folder link’s info.

First, if there’s a client invited to your project, you’ll want to choose whether you’d like for the client to be able to see this file link or not.

Next, give the file a name and then, in the field below, simply paste the URL of the file or folder you want to link to.

In the final ‘Content’ box, you can add a description of the contents of the file or folder and any comments you’d like to include.

LoTops will automatically give the icon for the file or folder a logo image for the Dropbox, Drive or OneDrive so that the location of the link is immediately apparent to users.

Note that for users to access the linked file, they will need to be logged into your cloud account.


Link a Cloud File LoTops


Updating Existing Files to Newer Versions


If a previously uploaded file has a newer version, you can update the stored file in LoTops to the newer version.  Just select the file, then select the ‘Update to new version’ button to the bottom right beneath the file.   You’ll then have a window allowing you to upload the newer version of the file.


Update File Version


Creating a New Text Document in LoTops


If you choose to create a new document within LoTops, you’ll be able to give it a title and then formatted text for its content. 

If you’ve invited a client to your project, you’ll be given the option to make the document either visible to the client or visible only to your team.

Once you’ve created your document, you can then publish it or save it as a draft.



Moving An Existing File


You can move a file by selecting the file and then clicking the ellipse (…) button at the top right corner of the Files interface.  You’ll see a dropdown — select ‘Move.’  You’ll then get a screen that will allow you to move the file either to a different project (or different Team or to your Company) or to a folder within your current project (or Team or Company).

Move file

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